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"Clare-Louise played a huge part in me wanting to pursue a career on stage and specifically to explore Shakespeare in more detail. Shakespeare can be daunting when you first dive into it, but Clare always had such a calm approach to it and such an enthusiasm when directing it. I was very lucky to have been cast as Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was directed by Clare many moons ago, and I will forever be indebted to her for showing me that Shakespeare's characters can actually be funny—which may be obvious, but when you're not wanting to engage in Shakespeare's plays for whatever reason that may be, it's hard to see it! Clare also taught us that the themes he uses in every single one of his plays are hugely relatable to this current day—no wonder his plays are still popular! It helped me discover that Shakespeare and his plays will always be 'current' regardless of what year or decade we are living in. At the end of the day, they are just words, and his characters are just people talking to one another. Once that penny dropped for me, I stopped fearing Shakespeare and instead started to embrace him and all his marvelous plays!"

– Caitlin Drake, Actor

BA Acting - Italia Conti (Graduated 2019)

"Sessions with Clare-Louise are totally unique in that she is as passionate about the work as you are. She never forces direction or meaning of the text, instead she guides you to make your own choices. It is as much about learning how to approach a text as it is the final product, so you leave more confident as a performer all around. Without her insights I would not be the performer I am today. I would recommend sessions with Clare to new actors and seasoned actors alike as she tailors every session to the needs of the individual. Clare was particularly helpful in guiding me through my Shakespeare monologues for drama school. She worked tirelessly to help me find exactly the right speeches whilst also giving me the confidence to explore multiple monologues and characters outside of my typical casting."

– Em Roberts

Currently at Leeds Conservatoire studying BA Acting


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Clare on Shakespeare speeches for my drama school auditions. Clare is a very positive, dedicated, and inspiring teacher, who would go above and beyond for her students. Clare shared lots of valuable knowledge and techniques, which I have taken forward with me in my further training."

– Lauren Butler

Currently at Italia Conti studying BA Acting

"Clare gave me the tools and support for me to be able to explore the text for myself. Clare's passion bleeds through the work and into you, setting you up with a lifelong interest in this kind of work."

– Tyler Rhys-Jones

Currently at Italia Conti studying BA Acting

"My sons Tomos and Iwan have been taught by Clare-Louise over many years. They loved her classes, and she was a great support to them both in their preparation and applications to drama school. Tomos has graduated from East 15 with a degree in BA Acting, and Iwan is currently studying for his BA Acting degree at Italia Conti. Clare-Louise has also given me support and advice with their journey, helping navigate choices and the application process."

– Mandy


"Clare really helped build the foundations of my Shakespeare monologue, going from looking at speech choices to a fully developed monologue ready for auditions. I really enjoyed creating the character's world using practitioners such as Uta Hagen and Stanislavski. Clare has great knowledge of both Shakespeare and of the language. I would recommend Clare to anyone who is preparing a Shakespeare speech for drama school auditions or professional work."

– Rachel Levell

Currently at Italia Conti studying BA Acting

"Clare is an incredible teacher and truly a heart warming person to be around. In her sessions, there is a duality to her teaching; she has the knowledge, expertise and guidance but also allows you to have the confidence to make your own choices. Clare will make you work hard, you will feel accomplished when leaving a session and have many new ways of approaching texts and acting. Her astonishing attention to detail will make you question and investigate new ways of looking at Shakespeare, and ultimately her passion will inspire the same in you."

– Amelia Keen

Foundation - East 15


"Training with Clare-Louise played a crucial part in getting me to where I am in my life today. If it wasn’t for her igniting my interest and passion for theatre in my early years, I would never have discovered the career path I’m on working backstage in wardrobe departments in the West End and touring theatre. Each show I work on sparks memories of my time with Clare, especially when costuming Shakespeare productions. She taught me the core level of understanding I needed to help propel me in my future career.

She was my first introduction to the world of theatre and was above all a joy to be around. It was a pleasure to absorb all her knowledge and experience.

I would 100% recommend working with Clare-Louise, whatever level you are at, as you never know where it may lead you."


 - Kathy Richardson-Howell

Costume Technician - Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

BA (Hons) Costume Production - Rose Bruford (Graduated 2017)

"Clare’s belief in her students is what makes her so special. I had been acting and singing with Clare for five years prior showing Clare my original music and aspirations to become a musician. I was so nervous because it was the first step sharing that dream of mine. But she totally supported me, and allowed me to write the music for the original musical we performed in our class. Her confidence in me is what allowed me to have confidence in myself. I’m now studying music at LIPA and am forever grateful for the lessons Clare brought to my life.."


 - Olivia Rebel

Currently at LIPA studying BA Music 

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